Reasons why companies find it difficult to hire software programmer

When the demand exceeds the supply in any industry, it is termed as a problem. This problem has been lingering around in the engineering field for a while now. Large enterprises are unable to hire software programmer and offer them software jobs due to a lack of relevant skills.

A 2019 report by Aspiring Minds revealed, “Only 3.84 percent of Indian engineers have the technical, cognitive and language skills needed for software-related jobs in start-ups. In addition, only 3 percent of engineers have new-age technological skills in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning. Many companies offering software jobs in Bangalore and other cities are facing this issue.”

The report further revealed approximately 18.8 percent of engineers applying for IT and software jobs in the US can write correct codes, but only 4.7 percent of engineers can write the codes correctly in India. Also, it has been noticed that only a handful of engineers take up projects on completion of the engineering course and pursue internships. Companies offering software jobs in Bangalore and Mumbai are also unable to hire a programmer because of this mismatch.

Varun Aggarwal, Co-founder, and CTO of Aspiring Minds added, “For India to continue to be globally competitive and keep up its growth story, we need our young graduates to have new-age skills in AI, data, mobile, and cloud. We find as low as 3 percent of engineers have these skills and to hire software programmer is certainly a challenge. This is a situation that needs to be immediately remedied both for India’s industry and our relevance to the world at large.”

Many companies are reporting a shortage of qualified candidates and unfilled tech positions. The companies are unable to hire a programmer successfully and offer them relevant software jobs. Demand for developers (Backend, Front-end, Full-stack, Artificial Intelligence) to data scientists, continues to rise across the globe.

Know where the problem lies

According to a report released by the Modis in 2019 revealed almost 80% of the 1006 tech and engineering hiring managers found a gap between the tech talent available and the type of talent they wanted. The managers further stated that out of the number of forms received, only 57% of the candidates possessed the necessary relevant technical skills for the software jobs.
Narayan Mahadevan, Founder of IP driven Incubation Lab, BridgeLabz Solutions informed, “The tech talent lacks the practical knowledge that is required by the companies which makes them unemployable. Software engineer jobs in Bangalore and other metros are plenty but the companies are unable to hire software programmer to fill the position.”

Talent lack the knowledge of new technologies

A survey report based on a study of 200+ organizations released by Mettl stated, 64% of the tech talent demand for AI and ML developers and programmers stays untapped because of the newness of the technology. Many software engineer jobs in Bangalore and other major cities are in abundance but the software jobs require practical knowledge of these technologies which is not found among the available talent.

Academic programs in engineering colleges are unable to run at par with the latest technological leaps. This gap is increasing with each passing day and new technologies are not being adopted by the businesses due to the lack of talent. Software engineer jobs in Bangalore and other cities have reported the availability of fewer tech talent with relevant skills.

However, this issue can be solved by introducing incubation labs. These labs offer the engineers a chance to put their skills to practical use under the guidance of mentors and other experts from the field.

As a result, companies offering software engineer jobs in Bangalore and other major cities tie-up with these labs and find it easy to hire software programmer. Also, these companies thus do not waste time training them. They simply hire a programmer with relevant skills and assign them to work right from day one.

Also, these incubation labs along with the job placement ensure that the engineers get a salary which is as per the industry standards. By adopting this, we can curb the migration of engineers to the non-tech industry and create a pool of employable tech talent. This will make it easy for companies to hire a software programmer for their various processes.

An imbalance between software jobs and talent

The number of software jobs for tech talent is more but the available talent to take up these roles is less. This imbalance has widened the gap between employability and the competition to hire a programmer has increased between various companies.

Most companies have stopped hiring separately for backend and frontend job roles. Instead, they choose to hire a programmer who specializes in full-stack.

Many companies offering software jobs in Bangalore and other metros have not only modified their search to hire a programmer but are also trying all the possible ways to get them on board. Here are some of the tactics that companies use to hire a programmer:

  • Higher pay
  • Better brand name
  • Better work culture and incentives
  • More challenging tasks and better role
  • Improved recruitment experience

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