Things to do, to get software developer jobs in Mumbai and other cities

A number of recent developments in the emerging technology space have changed the business landscape across industries today. As a result, the nature of jobs has also begun to change and evolve to adapt to technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications like machine learning (ML).

Therefore, it has been predicted that, while software developer jobs in Mumbai and other cities will be lost as a result of these new technologies, a larger number of new roles will be created like Java fresher jobs in Mumbai and other metros. However, while there is a huge demand for software developer jobs, there is a large skill-gap amongst engineers that need to be addressed.

Java Fresher jobs in Mumbai and other cities; employability scenario

As per a recent report by McKinsey, 25 to 50 million emerging Java developer jobs for freshers will be created within the next 12 to 15 years, of which India will need to create between 6 million and 12 million software developer jobs in Mumbai and other leading cities.

Though there are a large number of engineers and programmers graduating every year, the number of Java fresher jobs in Mumbai and other metros are increasing but there is a shortage of programmers who have the right skills to be hired for these roles.

It has been found that only 0.5% of 1.5 million fresh engineers in India are directly employable to perform the role of a software developer. Jobs in Mumbai and other cities are many but the talent is less. This is majorly due to their lack of confidence pertaining to the various aspects of coding, even after completing their course of studies or training. As a result, there are many software developer jobs in Mumbai and other cities but a huge skill gap exists which is affecting the employability factor.

Additionally, there is only a handful of an experienced team of programmers, which makes it more expensive for companies to secure them and offer Java fresher jobs in Mumbai and other cities. A number of large conglomerates are offering high packages even for freshers to try and secure the right talent.

The startup ecosystem, too, is suffering a shortage of skilled employees due to the high cost of hiring these experienced engineers and offer the right software developer jobs in Mumbai and Bangalore. The solution to this problem needs to be addressed from the academic level of training.

In the current scenario, engineers have industry projects as part of their courses and training curriculum. However, these projects mostly focus more on theory and specific practicals that are learned and taught for the sake of completing the course but add no long-term value to their skill sets. Moreover, engineers who are from a background that is non-computational, to begin with, tend to have project experience that is relevant only to those specific fields. This makes it more difficult for them to transition into the field of coding when they are looking for a job later on.

What the tech industry needs with regards to Java Fresher jobs in Mumbai

Today, the tech industry has greater demands and mixed requirements for job roles. For a team of programmers and engineers, it means a wider range of coding abilities is required in order to realign and produce the products according to current needs. A report by PWC revealed that only 25 percent of technical graduates and 15 percent of other graduates are qualified enough to be considered employable and be offered the right software developer jobs in Mumbai and other cities. In addition to this, close to 70% of Indian employers have identified skill-gaps in fresh hires. To be proficient with various coding functions and scenarios, Indian engineers require immersive training with a hands-on approach. The maker concept is one method that is highly beneficial to instill coding confidence amongst the team of engineers.

It is based on a Do-it-Yourself method, where experiential learning equips engineers with the necessary expertise required for the professional coding environment and can help them land the jobs they seek. This is something that most engineering courses and institutions do not have.

What institutions need to incorporate is a continuous evaluation based on this method. Like Medicine, Law and Accounting have a Residency, Articleship, and Apprenticeship approach incorporated into their learning, Engineering will benefit from the same. Software developer jobs in Mumbai and other metros require the engineers to be productive from day one. Companies do not wish to invest time and money in training them.

All of these focus deeply on mentorship from experienced professionals and teachers. Further, they involve a live working environment where the student is able to apply their skills and test them out. This hands-on approach thus enables the understudy to gain the relevant skillsets for the respective professions and ensures that quality talent is produced.

By learning through doing, engineers can gain extensive knowledge and skills that they can use to create value in the professional realm. With this, they will be able to retain and apply their knowledge even in new or unfamiliar coding situations.

Whether it is new learning, up-skilling or re-skilling of engineers, a program that includes these elements, as well as tailor-made courses based on industry-specific requirements, is the need of the hour in the tech industry. It is what will help make a larger percentage of fresh engineers and programmers directly employable while giving them the necessary confidence to code.

This, in turn, will improve the quality of work, bridge the skill gap, providing a sustainable solution to help meet the existing demand for engineers in the long run. It will also help in opening many Java fresher jobs in Mumbai and other cities for the engineers.

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