How to succeed in your off campus drive 2019

Most of us complete our engineering and aim to get hired by the leading software companies by attending the off campus drive. 2019 has seen many students opting for off campus drive. 2019 also had many colleges offering placements to their students. However, off campus drive for 2019 batch opened many avenues of job opportunities for the students.

As we edge closer to the end of this year, here are some things that you need to know. These benefits of attending an off campus drive for 2019 batch is quite critical to bear in mind.

Advantages of Off Campus Drive for 2019 batch

Here are some of the advantages that you get when you get selected in the off campus drive. 2019 had witnessed many such drives by leading companies. Many students were recruited from the off campus drive for 2019 batch.

Sense of achievement

You tend to feel more confident when you land a job through the off campus drive. 2019 batch of students compete with fellow students of various colleges and those who manage to crack the drive get to work with leading companies. 

On the other hand, on-campus drives focus on recruitment of students from the same college. As a result, the competition is not as stiff as the off-campus drive. 2019 batch of students is certainly a huge pool of talent and when you get scouted from such a large number, it is certainly an achievement in itself.

Great Exposure

Yet another benefit that you reap from off-campus drives is exposure. Students get a chance to face the real job market during the off-campus drive. 2019 batch of students will understand where they stand and what are the shortcomings that they need to work on.

Off campus drive for 2019 batch of students helps in perfect introspection and working on the skills that are demanded by the companies. You get a chance to study the salary offered, to attend mock interviews and understand the work culture of the leading companies through the off-campus drive. 2019 has witnessed many such drives and successful recruitment of the right talent.

How to prepare for off campus drive for 2019 batch

Just like any other interview or test, even off campus drive for 2019 batch needs preparation. Before attending any off-campus drive for 2019 batch, you need to research the company well, ensure that you crack the preliminary screenings to get yourself recruited by the companies. 

Prepare a comprehensive resume

The resume is the most important part of an interview. It is the first contact point that the recruiters come across. It offers complete information about the candidate they are about to interview. If the resume is not impressive, it can bring down the chances of getting you recruited. Even for off campus drive for 2019 batch, the students have to hand over an impressive resume to the recruiters.

To create a good resume, you can seek help from resume writers or opt for the free resume making tools that are available on the Internet.

Aptitude tests matter

Appearing for aptitude tests help in building your confidence and also aids in identifying the areas that you need to train on. Based on the aptitude tests, you can opt for reskilling or upskilling by joining fellowship programs with various places.

BridgeLabz Solutions offers a free fellowship program to aspiring students. Under this program, you get a chance to work on the latest technology under the guidance of experts from the field. On successful completion of these programs, you also get a guaranteed job placement with their leading client companies.

Prepare for interviews and group discussions

Preparing for interviews and group discussions will also increase your chances of getting hired through off-campus drives. You can search the Internet to understand the most commonly asked questions at the interviews to give yourself an edge over the others. 

Stay connected with people

Being in touch with the seniors of your college will also help you in increasing your chances of getting recruited. When you hear their experiences, it will help you understand what to expect in off-campus drives and prepare yourself accordingly.

The question that may arise in your mind is how you will get information about the off campus drive 2019. For this, you can get registered with leading job portals. Mention your key skills, upload your resume and you are sure to get updates about these drives.

Last but not least, remember, constant and consistent efforts will always yield results. So, be patient and keep trying. 

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