BridgeLabz Regular Fellowship Program is a 100% Guaranteed software development job program developed by BridgeLabz . The Program is designed to give inexperienced engineers coding skills in an unique environment which makes Read more them productive on the job from day #1.
The usual program cost is Rs.50,000+ Charges
BridgeLabz and Tata Strive have partnered to ensure financial problems do not hamper careers of deserving candidates. Hence are together providing a 100% Scholarship of Rs.50,000/-
Please note If you do not qualify under Tata Strive Economically Challenged Criteria, you can still qualify under BridgeLabz Eligibility Criteria for 100% Scholarship.
BridgeLabz will communicate directly with you if you are eligible.
The program has limited seats and those eligible will be allocated seats on a first come - first serve basis.
*T&C Apply

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