How to succeed as an engineer and approach companies looking to hire Java developers?

Ashish, an aspiring engineer completed his studies from his small hometown and planned to take up engineering as his career. So, he came to Mumbai looking for jobs. He approached many leading companies that were looking to hire Java developers.

However, while attending interviews at the leading companies that aimed to hire Java developers, he realized that what he had studied in his four-year extensive course of engineering did not match the expectations of the company. The companies wanted to hire java programmer with hands-on training.

He got frustrated as he had financial commitments to fulfill. So, he took up a job with a leading call center in the city. Just like Ashish, there are many aspiring programmers who fail to find the right job and end up deviating from the tech domain.

This is the general story of most aspiring programmers. The theoretical engineering courses do not offer any knowledge of the updated technology and as a result, there is a huge gap between what is being learned and what is being expected by the companies who aim to hire Java developers.

Let us read further to understand how to succeed as an engineer and the steps that you need to take to approach companies looking to hire java developers.

Reasons why programmers drift and why companies are unable to hire python developers

The engineering course is comprehensive as compared to other streams of education. On completion of their four-year strenuous engineering course, the engineering graduates and programmers often switch to different courses due to boredom or in an unsuccessful attempt to find the right job in the market. They end up being frustrated as the companies that aim to hire python developers to reject them on the basis of a lack of relevant skills.

Yet another reason for this is also the difference between the skills that are being taught in the course and the skills that are required by the companies in the real-world. Companies that are looking to hire python developers may find talent with other skillsets than what they need.

The graduated programmers fail to meet the expectations of the companies as the technology that they have learned is outdated or not used anymore. The programmers thus do not qualify to secure a job with the companies that aim to hire python developers.

The course of action to get into companies that hire python developers

Every problem has the right solution. Similarly, even this issue of employability and to get into the companies that hire python developers has a key to it. As engineers, you need to look out for courses or programs that help you gain practical knowledge of your skills. If you aim to get into companies that hire java developers, then you must join a relevant course for the same.

Many set-ups help budding engineers and programmers with on-job training that are expected from the companies aiming to hire java programmer or hire python programmer.

Many of these companies also offer relevant high paying jobs with their partner clients on the successful completion of the program. This will help in cutting short the training period and the engineers can start working on a real-time basis right from day one.

BridgeLabz Solutions is one such company based in Mumbai and Bengaluru that offers a free-of-cost intensive four-month fellowship program for aspiring engineers. This company also provides a job placement with some of the leading software companies on completion of this program.

So, if you wish to get into companies that hire java programmer or hire python programmer, then you must approach BridgeLabz Solutions.

As programmers, you need to make sure that you are open to trying your hands on all types of tech projects. Be open to ideas and innovations with regard to tech projects. Take up challenges, try your best, if you are unable to justify it due to any reason, seek help from the mentors or seniors.

Last but not least, you need to bear in mind is that communication is the key to success. Unless you communicate, you will not gain clarity of things. Hence, it is recommended that you ask for doubts. If you are stuck with something, ask around, seek guidance to sail through.

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