How to get hired in IT jobs in Pune for freshers

Each one of us pursuing a course in engineering wants to get into the best IT jobs. In Pune, for freshers, there are many companies that are offering various job roles. However, the jobs in IT companies in Pune expect their employees to have knowledge of the latest technologies.

So, how can we bag the IT jobs in Pune? For freshers, this is certainly a challenge. The freshers have the knowledge of only what is taught in the colleges. However, practical knowledge and experience of working on various technologies are mandatory to get jobs in IT companies in Pune for freshers.

So what can be done to get hired in IT jobs in Pune for freshers? Read on to find out more.

The challenges to get jobs in IT companies in Pune

Getting jobs in IT companies in Pune without any experience is certainly a challenge for the freshers. Generally, IT jobs in Pune for freshers are made available through campus hiring. Jobs in IT companies in Pune are offered to the graduates by conducting interviews on different college campuses.

However, IT jobs in Pune for freshers are not meant for everyone. Some graduates and post-graduates are rejected on the basis of the skill gap and they lose the chance of getting jobs in IT companies of Pune. Most of the talent remains untapped and is left behind in this type of hiring.

The next way to get jobs in IT companies in Pune is through referrals. Many IT jobs in Pune for freshers are bagged through friends, relatives, and acquaintances who work in the companies. However, the IT jobs in Pune for freshers are bagged only when they clear the HR interview and other mandatory processes.

Bridging the skill gap to get jobs in IT companies in Pune

Often freshers opt for extra classes for upskilling. This means we need to spend money to learn the latest technology. However, this again doesn’t give them a chance to gain hands-on experience of working on the applications which can cause a set-back while attending interviews.

But there are some places that offer free training and guaranteed job placement with absolutely no interview rounds. This may certainly sound too good to be true. However, places like BridgeLabz Solutions do offer free fellowship programs to aspiring engineers.

BridgeLabz Solutions offers a 16-week intensive fellowship program wherein you get to learn the latest technologies and work on them at the same time. On successful completion of this program, you get guaranteed job placement with the clients of BridgeLabz. 

You are mentored by the experts of the field and are encouraged to work for a fixed period of time every day. You are given live projects to improve their skills. The fellowship program is a purely logical and practical based training. 

On completion of the fellowship, you are deployed to the respective corporates where you can start working from day one. BridgeLabz Solutions does not charge the engineers, instead, they charge the corporates where the engineers are deployed. Along with the job placement, you also get 100 percent job security.  You draw a starting salary of approximately Rs 4 going up to 8 lakhs per annum which is at par with other engineers who have graduated from leading universities. 

In this way, you can upskill yourself and get jobs in IT companies of Pune.

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